Black Plague History


"You the people sleep soundly in your beds at night knowing full well men like us will visit violence whenever it shall call."

It all started back in the year 2000 with Ghost Recon. Drak hosted a server called "Drak's House of Hoes". Arachnid, being the sex-starved maniac he is, joined the server. After a couple of days on the server together, Arachnid and Drak realized that they were far superior to their competition, and decided to find other players in the game who were like them.

The result of this quest was the creation of Black Plague.

Black Plague joined the OGC Gaming Ladder, and in it's very first match challenged the undefeated reigning #1 team. Most expected a quick match, but none expected the result. Black Plague, gaming tag [BP], won the match. That began a long streak of victories, and [BP] was never defeated in OGC.

[BP] then joined the Rumble, another prominent gaming ladder that ran completely different rules and server settings. The transition to the new format would prove difficult - that is, for the competition.

Arachnid and Drak both became less available due to real life commitments, and under the leadership of BadMojoTX, Black Plague climbed to the top of the Rumble as well and defended the position for many months before deciding to try our hands at other games.

There are countless games that we have played and dominated. One of those games, Battlefield Vietnam, also saw [BP] dominate the competition, and at one point three Black Plague players were ranked in the top ten in the world, and five were ranked in the top 25. It is in Battlefield Vietnam that [BP] saw it's numbers grow again, and that is where many of [BP]'s current members were added.

In 2005 [BP] came to EvE.  Lead by JuJu and Drip the members quickly saw the potential for PVP in EvE.  We quickly formed a corp and armed ourselves with high skill point characters.  We began to bang away at the existing alliances who were living in curse at the time.  Over the past 6 years in EvE we have accomplished many things.  We have conquered Giants, we have built stations, we have flown in and raped face in Titans.  Their isn't anything we can't do together.

What can you expect from [BP] in the years to come? More of the same, of course. Complete domination. Those wearing the [BP] tag have now played together, in some cases, for nearly eleven years. We are loyal to our team, our clan, our corp. We will defend our own at all costs. We will be successful in doing so through tenacity, strategic planning and downright superior talent.

Do you have what it takes to be [BP]? Can you live by the [BP] motto we all live, breathe and embody? Can you be part of the most dominant online gaming team in existence over the last elven years? Maybe, maybe not. But, if you find yourself in the likely position of our next kill, remember this:

2012 - We have Migrated to Planerside 2.  The ultimate in warfare.  Please visit our public forums and watch the videos of the plague infecting you!
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